Sister sex dream

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We never have sex in the dreams but I do hold her and caress her body. What could this mean? Not much, actually. We tend to dream about seven dreams per night and only remember dreams that are occurring as we awake. Dreams are often a bizarre combination of events of the day, old memories, and current moods.

I had a dream I had sex with my sister, what does this mean?

Dream Meaning of Sister - Dream Interpretation

To see a sister in your dream refers to chance. If you see that you have a sister whether you have a sister or not in reality in your dream, it always signifies good reason. To see that your sister dies in your dream may suggest that you will get married with a spouse whose financial condition is very powerful as soon as possible. To see that your sister gets angry in your dream refers to a son. According to the place where it is seen that your sister gets angry, it tells that one of your relatives will have a son.

Dreaming about having sex with your sister?

Nothing like this has ever happened before to me. I had a dream last night that I was having sex with my sister, she was like planning it too. By "she was like planning it too" I ment she was planning to have sex with me throughout the dream. Not that she is auctally planning it.
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