Naked buddhist

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Should any bhikkhu give staple or non-staple food with his own hand to a naked ascetic, a male wanderer, or a female wanderer, it is to be confessed. Then, having had those who eat scraps sit down in a line and giving a cake to each, he gave two cakes to a certain female wanderer, thinking they were one. A third time, Ven. A certain bhikkhu, having mashed some rice with a great deal of ghee, gave a large helping to the naked ascetic. So the naked ascetic, having received his alms, left. This training rule is corollary to the preceding one.

Himalayan Buddhist Art 101: Controversial Art, Part 4 – The Female Nude

Video: Drunk tourist strips naked then climbs onto Buddhist shrine | Daily Mail Online

By Dan Bloom for MailOnline. An unusual row has broken out in Thailand after a Buddhist monk was pictured fondling a topless worshipper's breasts. The image was posted on Facebook last week and has since been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people - many of whom were angry at the celibate monk breaking a key vow. But the woman in the photo has now come forward to say she was born a man, and therefore believes the monk is completely innocent. Furore: The image of a monk fondling a worshipper's breasts in Thailand was seen by hundreds of thousands of people online - and prompted a debate over whether transgender people count as women in Buddhism. She was interviewed by Thailand's Morning News , where she was quoted as saying she had undergone hormone therapy which enlarged her breasts.

The Naked Monk

Nudity or nakedness naggiya is the state of being without clothes. Throughout history people have gone naked or nearly naked. Hunter-gatherer peoples in tropical regions have often been naked for practical reasons. Nudity has been practised as a protest, as a punishment and even as something that promotes good health.
Buddhist practice and Buddhist art have been inseparable in the Himalayas ever since Buddhism arrived to the region in the eighth century. But for the casual observer it can be difficult to make sense of the complex iconography. Himalayan style erotic art, or obvious depictions of a sexual nature, are generally of three types: there are the embracing couples found in the highest level of Buddhist tantra, ithyphallic deities , and nude female figures. As for the couples, they are not very revealing in their embrace, with their anatomy is mostly concealed. The ithyphallic deities are certainly more provocative, though there are very few of them found in the pantheon of deities.